In the final episode of this season, Dr. David Sinclair and Matthew LaPlante focus on current and near-future technologies relevant to health and aging. In addition to discussing the utility of wearable sensors and biological age measurements, they highlight innovative research aimed at reversing biological age. The societal effects of therapies that successfully extend healthspan and/or lifespan are also considered.

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00:00:00 Introducing Episode Eight: The Future of Anti-aging Medicine
00:03:49 Thanking the Sponsors
00:06:48 Modern Healthcare, Disease Detection, and Circulating DNA
00:11:30 Wearable Monitors: A Dashboard for your Body
00:20:31 Types of Health Sensors
00:24:20 Big Data, Privacy, and Criminal Investigation
00:30:16 Cutting-edge Testing and Biological Age
00:36:40 Using Personalized Data to Inform your Diet
00:41:48 Optimizing Exercise and Activity-mimetics
00:45:02 Resetting the Aging Clock
00:53:45 Repeatable Age Reversal and Safety
00:56:11 Longer Life, Population Size, and Economics
01:00:18 Skillbatical
0:1:03:06 Putting in the Work for Longevity
01:04:56 Thanking the Podcast Team and Wrapping Up Season One
01:08:27 Options for Subscription and Support