In Episode 3 of the Lifespan Podcast, Dr. David Sinclair and Matthew LaPlante dive deeply into the science of non-dietary interventions that mimic adversity and promote health. They begin by highlighting how different types of physical activity (i.e., low-intensity aerobic exercise, high-intensity aerobic exercise, and weight training) protect against age-related disease and enhance longevity. David and Matthew additionally highlight the latest evidence behind hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cold therapy, and heat therapy. As they discuss different adversity mimetics, they also explain how these interventions influence aging at the molecular and physiological levels.

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00:00:00 Introducing Episode Three: Exercise Hot Cold
00:01:01 A Pernicious Element Called Iron (Fe)
00:02:46 A Quick Primer on Free Radicals
00:05:42 Review of Dietary Takeaways
00:07:01 Acknowledging the Sponsors
00:09:32 Biological Adversity and the Survival Circuit
00:13:24 Survival Sensors (i.e., mTOR, AMPK, and Sirtuins) and Communicators (e.g., Insulin)
00:17:25 Get Off Your Butt
00:19:40 Exercise Protects against Disease and Mortality
00:21:17 Daily Step Count and Walking After Eating
00:22:33 Exercise Activates AMPK and Creates More Mitochondria
00:24:03 Vigorous Exercise, Hypoxia, and the Electron Transport Chain
00:28:19 Exercise Increases Glucose Sensitivity and Stimulates Blood Vessel Formation
00:32:13 The Epigenome and Biological Age are Impacted by Exercise
00:36:43 How to Measure your Biological Age
00:37:31 Exercise Recommendations
00:39:28 Wearables and Individualized Health Tracking
00:43:14 The Importance of Weight Training
00:46:08 Physical Activity and Senescent Cells
00:48:01 Exercise Wrap-up and Takeaways
00:49:47 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
00:57:24 Cold Therapy
01:03:50 Applying Heat
01:07:04 Adversity Mimetics Produce Endorphins
01:08:07 A Basic Protocol for Mimicking Adversity
01:10:04 Next Week’s Episode: Molecules and Supplements
01:10:45 Options for Subscription and Support