In this week’s episode, Dr. David Sinclair and co-host Matthew LaPlante zero in on drugs and supplements that have been reported to combat aspects of aging. They share the latest experimental and clinical data for NAD boosters (these being NR, NMN, NAD IV drips and shots), resveratrol, fisetin, quercetin, rapamycin, spermidine, metformin, and berberine. Given the abundance of data available, a special focus is placed on the NAD precursors nicotinamide riboside and nicotinamide mononucleotide. Known mechanisms, limitations, and/or side effects associated with these molecules are additionally highlighted.

Correction and clarification: At time point 1:07:37, Dr. Sinclair says he takes 1 gram of Spermidine, but the active ingredient in the capsules is 1-2 milligrams. We apologize for the confusion.

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00:00:00 Kicking Off Episode Four: Longevity Molecules
00:02:15 Thanking the Sponsors
00:04:46 An Additional Boost Beyond Adversity Mimetics
00:05:52 Drugs vs. Supplements and Highlight Points
00:09:54 Longevity Molecules Target the Survival Circuit
00:11:33 NAD Boosters
00:13:32 Nicotinamide Riboside
00:21:26 Nicotinamide Mononucleotide
00:29:22 NAD Intravenous Drips
00:32:45 Bioavailability of NAD Boosters
00:33:40 NAD and Cancer
00:35:33 Resveratrol
00:42:26 Red Wine and The French Paradox
00:43:08 Fisetin and Quercetin
00:47:09 Rapamycin and Rapalogs
00:49:10 Spermidine
00:51:27 Metformin
01:00:27 Berberine
01:02:43 Dr. Sinclair’s Protocol for Longevity Molecules
01:08:51 Wrap-up and Next Week’s Episode: Interventions on the Cutting Edge
01:09:52 Options for Subscription and Support