In this episode of the Lifespan podcast, Dr. David Sinclair and co-host Matthew LaPlante dissect the topic of brain aging. They explore evidence suggesting that the brain ages more slowly than other parts of the body and highlight how cognitive function is impacted by aging. Different interventions aimed at preserving brain health are also discussed, including a plant-based diet, exercise, metformin, NAD boosters, and sufficient sleep.

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00:00:00 Introducing Episode Seven: Aging of the Brain
00:04:39 Thanking the Sponsors
00:07:38 Ex-differentiation as a Driver of Aging
00:09:22 The Brain Ages Slowly
00:14:17 Cognitive Function and Plasticity
00:17:44 Three Longevity Pathways: mTOR, AMPK, and Sirtuins
00:23:26 Plant-based Diets and B-vitamins
00:28:32 Homocysteine, Plaque, and Vasculature
00:32:35 Fatty Acids
00:35:48 Physical Activity
00:39:14 Metformin
00:46:02 NAD Boosters
00:50:33 Increasing Blood Flow
00:53:20 Sleep
00:58:02 Overall Message: Keep your Brain Healthy
00:58:50 Next Week’s Episode and the Future of Medicine
01:01:21 Options for Subscription for Support